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Tips On Using Self Storage

Once you’ve chosen the self storage company you want to use, you’ll need to know how to use the self storage unit you are renting effectively. Whether you need it for a week, a month or a year, there are a number of things to remember when it comes to using self storage, and we’ve put together our top tips to give you a head start. So here goes:

1 – Some self storage companies will expect you to provide your own locks for the self storage container you are hiring, although some firms rent or sell locks at their premises. In most cases you will be the only keyholder, however you can ask the self storage company to hold the key for you, and name other people from your firm or your family who you will allow access to the unit.

2 – You should ensure that the furniture and other property you store in the self storage unit is covered by an insurance policy. In some cases the self storage firm will provide this insurance at an extra weekly cost on top of the rental price, but you can organise insurance yourself through a high street or Internet insurance company.

3 – When loading your self storage unit with your belongings make sure you place heavier and larger items on the floor and stack lighter boxes on top of the heavy boxes. It is also worth putting items you may need close to the door for easier access. Label all the boxes with details of what items are inside, and if you are moving house, it may also be worth writing which room the items are from, so when you move them to your new house you can put them directly into the right room. In addition, ensure you clearly mark boxes containing fragile items.

4 – Some self storage companies sell a wide range of boxes, wardrobe cartons, bubble wrap, packing paper, etc, but it may be worth getting these beforehand. Also, why not take the opportunity, before packing, to sort out any possessions that you don’t want anymore as you may find you only need a small self storage container for the belongings you actually want to keep.

5 – Be aware, you are not allowed to store perishable, hazardous, flammable or illegal items in self storage containers. You should also ensure that fridges and freezers are properly defrosted and that you leave the doors open to allow the air to circulate in them. Other items such as bikes, tools, and other metal equipment can be prevented from rusting by wiping an oily rag over them before storing.

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